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Showing 1–24 of 82 results

Latest Pishwas Dresses 2021

Another very appealing and elegant addition to the modern trends offered by Deemas fashion is the Pishwas. Pishwas is a long wide-bottomed well-adorned frock. This outfit does not have the boundary of formal or casual wear. It adds into your fashion sense for both the occasions at the same time. It may also be a long shirt or a gown with an embellished lace or embroidered patch at the bottom (ghera) to add in its beauty.

Back Train Bridal Pishwas

This is usually paired with a churidar pyjama. Women tend to wear such an outfit in weddings as well as casual dinners. It is a very graceful and refined outfit in appearance. Most of all, this fashionable dress provides great comfort. You don’t have problems to carry it because it\\\'s heavy. You can choose to have it as much fancy or as much casual as you want. This is why one should be very careful in choosing the dress. Deemas fashion provides a variety of pishwas for women, including multiple panels. Bridal Pishwas, bridal mehndi Pishwas often comes in back train and also antique hand-embroidered neckline styles. We make the most comfortable and stylish pishwas according to the demands of our customers.

Best Pakistani Bridal Pishwas

Other than the fine quality and softness, we offer a variety of exquisite designs and texture. We offer sleeveless hand-stitched embroidered gowns as well as frock style long shirts with work of laces and beads on it. For a classy look guaranteed to turn heads upon your arrival, slip into the dresses Deemas fashion has to offer you. You can also look up to us on our website, online. You can also shop online. We provide the most efficient services. You have the opportunity of returning the dress if it was not according to your choices and we can then come up with the dress of your choice. Our basic motive is to satisfy our customer in every way possible. We present you with a dress that will complement your entire personality.